Elim Kids China

It is estimated by UNICEF that there are ten thousand children in China who are infected by HIV. There are many more who are affected – that is they are orphans due to losing parents who have contracted the HIV virus. Many of these children are in orphanages as they have been abandoned by relatives or parents who were unable or unwilling to care for them.

Life in an orphanage for a child with HIV is even harder than for most. The fear surrounding HIV in China is still significant. These children are isolated from other children. They are not allowed to eat or play with the other children and usually kept in isolation rooms.

In fact, most of the staff are unwilling to touch or interact with these children so they become depressed and withdrawn very quickly. These children really are the “lowest of the low ” – the unwanted amongst the unwanted.

The truth is that, with treatment these children do have a hope and future. They are capable of being adopted and living long and happy lives.

We aim to help these children reach their full potential as we act as a bridge between the orphanage and the child’s forever families.