Many children who are HIV positive still are living with family members – often with very unwell parents or even grandparents who struggle to care for these children. The stigma surrounding HIV is so prevalent that these families live hidden away from society and children receive minimal social interaction, no education and poor health care.Over recent years we have been honoured to have been asked to help these children – by volunteer groups, Doctors and even the Centre for Disease Control .

Our teams regularly visit these children with love and friendship. We support them with care packages of healthy food and hygiene products and they attend our medical clinics and fun activities.

Visiting Lucy's mum.
Visiting Lucy’s mum.
A food pack ready to be delivered.
A food pack ready to be delivered.

Recently a mother shared with us how desperately alone she felt as she tried three times to abandon her HIV positive four year old as she couldn’t cope with his care. We have been able to support her in keeping the child she loves so deeply and thus actually PREVENT an orphan.

Delivering warm clothes to  " Lucy" who lives in a boarding school.
Delivering warm clothes to ” Lucy” who lives in a boarding school.