Elim Kids - The Solution

ELIM Kids seeks to liberate HIV positive and other special needs children from desperate circumstances. We do this by providing:

 Family– For orphans, the aim is to place them in a loving foster family or small foster home, all the while waiting for a family that will ultimately adopt them.

There is so much stigma and misunderstanding associated with HIV that Chinese families are reluctant to accept a child with HIV.  Both Chinese and expatriate families are given education, support and finances to bring these children into a nurturing and safe environment.

 Medical Care– These children have very complex medical needs, which require the best of medical care, vaccinations, nutrition and social interaction. They are provided with appropriate anti viral medications, antibiotics and immunisations.

 Education– ELIM Kids aims to educate as many people as possible about HIV and the positive future that these children can have when they receive good medical care and family love. Over recent years, training has been provided to orphanage staff, university students and medical staff.

Schooling– The basic right of all children is to be able to learn and have an education free from fear and stigma.  ELIM Kids covers any cost of education.