IMG_2048Sweet Christina moved into Elim House in February 2016. She lost both her parents due to HIV only months prior and had been abandoned by her Uncle when he discovered she was HIV positive. Initially Christina was malnourished with a severe skin infection but she responded well to her new environment. She loves craft and all things pink !  


okIMG_8451 Daniel is 5 years old and was abandoned in 2015 due to his HIV status. He has lived in a hospital for 3 weeks and is a frightened lonely little boy who misses his family. Elim kids are currently working on getting him started on HIV medication and into a family style environment where he feels loved and cherished and can find his smile again. Unfortunately an extensive police search has failed to find his parents and Elim kids are committed to educating the people of China that these children have a hope and future and don't need to be abandoned. Hopefully we will be able to prevent more children like him suffering the grief of rejection.    

Kids in the community.

FullSizeRender (9) Elim supports many children living in the community with HIV. Many live in extremely poor circumstances with a grandparent or seriously ill parent. The fear of HIV in China is so great that many family members are scared of taking these children out of the home for fear of persecution. Elim staff visit these families regularly and offer them food and household packages, medical care and respite when needed.


Elim Kid Lucy
Lucy is 12 and lives in a boarding school. She loves drawing and craft. ELIM kids support her with medical care and financial and emotional support . Her mum is still alive but due to advanced AIDS related brain damage is in a nursing home and is unable to care for Lucy.


FullSizeRender (4)Star has severe HIV which currently is not responding to the limited medication available to him in Rural China.  He is 15 , yet the size of a 7 year old. His mother died of AIDS in 2012 and his father is a poor  rural farmer who can't afford to care for Star .Star moved into Elim house in July 2016 with severe AIDS and malnutrition. Elim staff are working to ensure maximal compliance with medicine and good nutrition. He is a gentle kind boy who wants to be a mechanic when he grows up.